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I have always had a passion to inspire the younger generation to become better versions of themselves. Athletic visits are one of my personal favourites! Spending the day with ambitious students who are eager to learn how I have reached my goals and participate in activities either myself or the school have planned for the day. 


On the day I will lead an assembly with a topic chosen either by myself or the school. Rather than just hearing me talk or a presentation, the students will have the opportunity to be involved in the Assembly.

 I will instruct PE classes with the particular year groups, that will fit with the timetable of the school also. This will be planned by myself and it will involve skills that can be used in sports but also skills they can take with them on their journey 

Will be with the students for the day. Present an assembly, be involved with different PE classes, Lunch with students, general interaction with students.  

Present an assembly, spend the morning with students of a particular year group and instruct a PE Class with that year group.

Present awards with/for the staff. If wanted/required motivational speech with award winners.

Full Day - £500
Half Day - £350
Ceremony Visit - £115

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