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School Visits

Visiting schools are something that are very close to my heart. Being a father of four I understand the power that begins when a child learns how truly unique and special they are. To  accept  their own individual qualities and differences are the first step to truly believing in themselves. Growing up I wasn't the most gifted athlete, I didn’t stand out much at all; but through hard work and studying my skills inside and out I have manged to do some really extraordinary things!

 During my visits I will touch on topics such as courage, fear, professionalism, confidence building, etc. I believe that these qualities will help to make an impact and change some of the negative attitudes young people can sometimes harbour about themselves. I will share my personal experiences with the students and I know that my testimonies and skills we explore, will make a huge difference to them as much as it did for me! 

The Mind of a Champion programme

The Mind of a Champion Programme is something I put together. This involve me carrying  out 4 school visits throughout the year to an individual school. I believe as well as coming in and motivating your young people for the day, it is important for me to return and see students again. By doing this I have the opportunity to give young people a bigger sense of purpose. It encourages the children to be accountable to the personal targets they share and set for themselves. Knowing I am returning gives them the motivation, ideas and deadlines to achieve personal targets. I also love to hear  the children share what they felt motivated to do, or how my talks have  inspired them and strengthened the areas they felt discouragement previously. 



Morning to Midday day 

Mind of a Champion Program four full days 

Use Ones Success To Help Many Succeed

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