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The 'Finding Your Why Tour' is an exciting opportunity for young people to embark on a journey with Joel Fearon, a well achieved Team GB Olympic medallist. Joel has a unique success story in becoming the only man in the world to run under 10 seconds for hundred metres and then go on to win a Winter Olympic Bobsleigh medal. This tour is to encourage the next generation to really look inside them self and understand their own reasoning and why ultimately they do the things they do and why they want the things they want. Joel aims to achieve this by whole school assemblies one-on-one work if necessary small group sessions and PE lessons with a working together objective.This initiative will help all young people focus, be encouraged and find there right path. Joel will be especially impactful for those who you fear may lose their way. Joel has worked on some huge campaigns over the last two years with companies as big as salesforce, NatWest, Aramco, team GB and the list goes on. This tour is only until December. Give young people the encouragement they need to continue to push and believe in themselves. Don’t miss this opportunity. This is a fantastic opportunity for your school to show the steps that they are taking for their young people and also raising money For the school to be spent in any way that the school sees fit.             


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